To Be Continued: Troubling the Archive - Season 3 Trailer

Episode 1 December 08, 2022 00:01:58
To Be Continued: Troubling the Archive - Season 3 Trailer
To Be Continued: Troubling the Archive
To Be Continued: Troubling the Archive - Season 3 Trailer

Dec 08 2022 | 00:01:58


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Anna Shah Hoque

Show Notes

CUAG invites you to join host Anna Shah Hoque and guest producers Aedan Corey, Matt Miwa, Kole Peplinskie, Keegan Prempeh and Summer-Harmony Twenish for a new season of the groundbreaking podcast To Be Continued: Troubling the Archive.

The podcast engages Ottawa-based QTIBPOC artists, arts workers and activists whose networks, ideas and histories have built, and continue to build, this incredible community. Artists featured include Adrienne Row-Smith, Hingman Leung, Pree Rehal and Jennifer Brunet-Rentechem.

This season foregrounds conversations about Black, Indigenous, racialized, diasporic and queer archives of longing, memory and inheritance in arts-based practices. Hear from familiar voices, delve into hidden histories and discover your new favourite artist!

We're also thrilled to debut a beautiful new graphic for this season, created by Hunter Dewache, and custom intro / outro sounds created by Bucko aka Chris Binkowski. Podcast editing is by Fin-xuan.

New episodes drop in January 2023! Make sure you’re subscribed on your podcast platform of choice so you don’t miss the first episode.

This season of To Be Continued: Troubling the Archive is generously funded by a Digital Now grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 1 00:00:03 Welcome to season three of to be Continued Troubling the Archive. My name is Anna Shaw and I'm the show's producer and host. You may have tuned into us under another name to be continued, a Stone Cross Symposium podcast for season three. We continue to be supported by Qag and the Can Council for the Arts Digital Now Grant, really excited for you to tune to all the rad content that we've got coming up this season. You may have noticed we've got a new logo in place. It's created and designed by Queer Algonquin Artist Hunter Dewa. Speaker 1 00:00:43 The broad theme for this season is informed by indigenous, black POC artists and creatives at the local. It's an opportunity to listen in on stories that draw in conversations about diasporic, longing, memories and inheritances. You'll hear from each of the respective artists and creatives how their own practice has helped car space for themselves and also to be able to see representations of their communities in the context of Ottawa. I'm really fortunate to have five guests produced episodes as well, um, to be part of the lineup, and I am so excited for you to get into it. Speaker 1 00:01:20 Please keep in mind that with every episode that's released, there's going to be information about the artists, their socials, and how to follow up on all the RA things that they're doing, and I hope you really take advantage of that. I can't wait for you to listen to season three, and I'm so thankful for all the wonderful artists and creatives that have the opportunity to work with some again, and some knew the relationships that we fostered and the move towards considering. How do we carve spaces for our voices in a landscape that don't often represent our lived experiences so vividly and so clearly.

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